Jaguar XF – alright for the vertically challenged…

I was recently in a Land Rover showroom, scrutinising various models, and decided to wander over to the adjoined Jaguar dealer to take a peek at the new XJ. To my disappointment, there was only one XJ in the room, occupied by a rather robust man, and then a smattering of XF’s surrounding it. So, I stepped into an XF and in doing so, lost every last drop of my dignity. I’d have had better luck trying to clamber into a ‘Wheelie Bin…’

Jaguar XF

I was simply too large to fit into the car properly, and I am by no means tall (a smidge over 5’11”.) So how come this car has won the ‘WHATCAR?‘ Executive Car Award for all the years that it has existed? My father seemed the perfect fit for the car yet I could barely get in. When I did manage to get into the thing, I had attained several broken bones and had to stoop to see through the windscreen. Is it just me not adjusting the seat properly to my dimensions or is this a thing with Jaguar’s across the board? Well, no it isn’t, as I managed to get into the XJ very comfortably, obviously after the robust man had left the premises.

Jaguar XJ

Don’t get me wrong, both of these cars are very good indeed, beautiful interiors, excellent build quality, they look great, but what I will advise is that you shouldn’t buy an XF if you’re taller than 5’6″ and if you are, and you do, don’t forget to buy a shoe horn and pack some extra dignity in case you run out…

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