Audi A8 – 5 Stars

Well, here we go. My first review here at 0-60 and it’s going to be about the Audi A8; a car which I really adore.

Audi A8

This is one of the more quirky luxury cars available today, the reason being that you can’t (from the outside at least) tell that it is one. Compared to its German rivals at BMW and Mercedes, this car is rather discreet. Certainly, there are a few more flamboyant styling features on the new model that let you know this car is a little bit special, and you can’t get away from its size but the subtleness of this car is one of my favourite features.

Audi A8 Interior

Once you step inside, however, the car changes dramatically. Gone is the subdued exterior of the car, and a new world of folding screens and oddly shaped controls reveals itself. These unfamiliar styling features are risky, as they would be easy to dislike but it makes everything easy for the driver, or your chauffeur, to access.

The technology on the A8 is ridiculously over-engineered. The 8-speed gearbox works with the Sat Nav to see the bends in the road ahead and select appropriate gears. The night vision highlights pedestrians in yellow and turns them red if they stray into the path of the car, and the best bits are saved for the rear passengers, who can watch digital television whilst keeping an eye on where the driver is taking them by bringing up their route on the same screen.

The Audi does, unfortunately, let itself down on the suspension, though not too badly. The pampered bottom of an investment banker might sustain serious injuries on some English roads, though everybody else should be just fine.

I could talk about this car for hours (as I may have accidentally done already) but I’m sure you’re not too interested in how the mechanics of the automatic footrest works or indeed how the car scans the fingerprint of the driver, so I’ll move onto the specs of an A8 SE 3.0TDI Quattro (my they do have long names):

Price: £45,916

Power/Torque: 250PS/550Nm

Max. Speed: 155mph (limited)

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds

CO2 emissions: 174g/km

Fuel Economy: 42.8mpg

Insurance Group: 43

Audi really are very good at diesel so get one of those over the petrol engines – they’ll go faster and cost less. If you intend to be driven about or if there’s lots of you get the LWB model and if you’re on your own, wait for the new S8.


6 responses to “Audi A8 – 5 Stars

  1. They don’t sell that well here. I’m not a fan but at $252,000AUD (or 160,000 GBP) you would really have to want one. We are So ripped off here in Australia! I love the inside pics though. Very sumptuous.

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