No.5 – The People Carrier

The People Carrier. Any man worth his weight in testosterone hates every second of driving and being near one. And here I am writing a review for them. Today I’m going to try to also cater for our American audience, so I’ll talk about 2 European built and 1 American built, still all equally odious, people carriers.

First off, from England, the Ford Galaxy.

Ford Galaxy Interior

Ford Galaxy

An oddly good looking car, for a people carrier. In America, you’ve never seen anything like this from Ford. And that’s a bad thing, because this is a good car. The Galaxy is said to drive like any normal car, but have the capacity of a 7-seater. It comes with a basic 2.0l diesel engine, which drags it along just nicely. And because it’s a Ford, the price is incredibly reasonable. The middle of the range Titanium, starting at £26,545 comes as standard with Bluetooth Connectivity, a Sony DAB Audio System plus the options for Satellite Navigation and much more. So, the Galaxy is ‘chocked full of goodies.’ However, I have a little problem with this car. I believe that all 7 seater vehicles should have a 2-2-3 seat layout, from the front to the rear, allowing 2nd row passengers that extra bit of comfort. And the Galaxy, produced in Genk, Belgium, has the layout 2-3-2. I don’t like that at all, and the rear row of 2 also results in a very complicated seat folding procedure. So, that’s not good if you’re trying to do something in a hurry.

As you can see from the picture, the Galaxy still offers a pleasant place to sit and a quiet and comfortable ride, only slightly disturbed by the rumble of the diesel engine. And, the central air conditioning fans look like the closed eyes of a triclops, with a Sat Nav for a mouth.If you’re buying, go for the Automatic 2.2l diesel for a bit more ‘oomph’ and the top of the range Titanium X for all the added perks. Overall, it’s not bad. 7 out of 10.

Now onto a favourite of mine, from the US, the beautiful Chrysler Town & Country.

Chrysler Town & Country

What is with that name? The Chrysler Town & Country is sold over in the UK, Europe and Mexico as the ‘Voyager’ but seeing

as I’m doing this for my friends across the pond, I’ll refer to it as the T&C.

This thing looks classy, unlike the ultra modern and clinical Galaxy. It oozes sophistication and its understated beauty is continued on the inside. It is dripping with leather and wood, and because it’s from the US, it has a gargantuan engine, 3.8 litres to be precise. More than enough to make the car quick, and your children ill. With its TV’s and swiveling seats, being is this car is far to much fun. Give up your house, and come and live in it. It’s even fitted with a table for food on the go. And, starting at just $30,260, it’s a bargain!

For once, I don’t care about tax costs, I don’t care about insurance, or economy, this is the perfect people carrier.

Buy one. 10 out of 10.

Town & Country Interior

Now, to finish, Germany’s answer to the perfect people carrier. A car they like to call the Mercedes Benz R-Class.


This car received a facelift in 2010, and for a damned good reason. Almost everybody hated the way it used to look, and it was commonly frowned upon as being one of the ugliest cars that you could buy. But this car has gone from Ugly Betty to Supermodel status and I for one like it a lot. It is your typical Mercedes, very precise, very solid, very German. But I bet you didn’t know that it is now being built in… Mexico. And that’s very German indeed. The vehicle itself, although being a people carrier seems indecisive. Does it want to be an estate car? A GT Car? An SUV? According to Mercedes, all of these things. And that makes it about as pedigree as a mongrel. So, that isn’t good. But what is good is the interior, that’s for sure. And for us old farts at 0to60, it’s some more pleasing leather and wood, which is just lovely. And the standard 3.0l diesel engine is nice and quick too. Not quite so quick though, when compared with the option of a 6.2l V8. That’s right, Mercedes are offering you and your kids a V8 engine to play with. Brave. But best of all, it has a 2-2-3 layout!

Sadly, it is a bit more on the expensive side than the others, but it really is worth it. 9 out of 10.

R-Class Interior

So then, to conclude todays lecture:

Ford Galaxy: Modern and Cool

Town & Country: Sophisticated and Luxurious

R-Class: Casual with a hint of Mental


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