Announcing A New Manufacturer!

Today, 0to60 brings you news of a new manufacturer that’s going to be launching soon, and not just any new manufacturer, but a British, London based one. They’ve decided to ignore the somewhat turbulent past and fates of previous UK based car firms and just launch straight in, but first impressions aren’t great…

First, there’s the name. It’s Eterniti. That’s right, they even replaced the ‘Y’ with an ‘I’. You really couldn’t get much closer to Infiniti, could you? That is unless you just spelt the word Infiniti correctly. So originality isn’t a strong point of this company. No matter, I can overlook the name, at least the logo’s original…

Or is it? It looks nearly identical to Bentley’s ‘Flying B’ logo does it not? Somebody has obviously worked very hard at Eterniti to try and make that E look like a B, I assume, because a company that hasn’t made or shown any cars doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on design.

Well they have, at least, shown a sketch of what looks like a 4-seater tractor, and that’s something. But you can tell that a caricature artist has simply drawn a Porsche Cayenne. This, coincidentally, is the car that the company will be basing their first model, which they’d probably like to call something like the Spectre after Rolls-Royce’s Ghost or Phantom, but are really naming the Hemera. If I were them, I wouldn’t base my first car one which is as attractive as a Proboscis Monkey.

If you visit the website, however, it doesn’t appear that much else exists other than a rather good PR and graphics company. They claim that they will be manufacturing a bespoke ‘Super SUV’ where, if the customer wants a diamond encrusted roof, that’s exactly what they’ll get. But people who can afford that sort of thing want a proper luxury car, not some hideous lumbering creature, and so, I imagine, would venture straight past Eterniti and head for Rolls-Royce, who really know what they’re doing.

I don’t hold out much hope for this company, which is a shame. It was only last year that Overfinch declared bankruptcy, and if they, with more experience, more knowledge, and a better car to work with, couldn’t cut it, I don’t think it’ll be long before Eterniti heads the same way as the rest of the British car industry has.

It’ll be when (and if) they turn up at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month that the real details will be revealed so I will keep you informed.

One response to “Announcing A New Manufacturer!

  1. It could be a nice car when finished, i don’t like the name and as you say the bonnet mount looks like a Bently one.

    if you put this code top and bottom of the photos it will seperate the words from the photo for you , you could try it and see how it turns out.

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