You can thank Microsoft for this one…

Toyota Landcrusier V8

Earlier, I was looking at the Toyota Landcruiser V8 on MSN cars. It seems a good enough website – it’s certainly informative enough (not as much as 0to60 though, which is more than informative enough). I spotted a feature toward the bottom of the page which read ‘similar cars which may interest you’. I don’t know why (maybe I ought to have selected some preferences, or allowed the website to understand the sort of cars I’d normally look at) but top of the list sat the Perodua Kelisa – which is very similar to a Landcruiser, isn’t it?

And so, with that in mind, I will, today, be comparing for you the Toyota Lancruiser V8 and the Perodua Kelisa – because MSN says that they’re both similar, and of interest to me.

Perodua Kelisa

Looking at these cars, I know which one I’d rather have. The Landcruiser looks very imposing with that chunky front end and high doors. Toyota clearly didn’t intend to try and make this thing look small – every one of its 4,950mm are on show. Similarly, Perodua haven’t tried to make the Kelisa look any smaller than it really is – they didn’t have to. In fact, Perodua haven’t tried at all. This is a car which is closer in looks to a Battenberg cake than the Toyota. The Kelisa is one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever had the misfortune to lay my eyes on. Don’t buy one of these unless you wish to vomit every time you look at your driveway. The Landcruiser’s looks do not induce vomit and so, MSN, they’re not so similar. Oh, and the Perodua has a moustache. The Landcruiser V8 does not.

Both cars do, however, give you backache on journeys of any length – but the Perodua also gives you squashed knees. Also, if you should be unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, the Perodua will kill you as it has only 2 airbags between 5 passengers with virtually no other safety features. It’d be as safe if they’d given it no brakes (and I wouldn’t be surprised if that hadn’t been a serious choice over at Perodua). Meanwhile, all 7 passengers in the V8 are perfectly safe as they’ve got almost every safety feature available and more than enough airbags.

Landcruiser V8 Interior

Off-road, the V8 is exceptionally good. It performs as well as, if not better than, a Range Rover – and is a whole lot tougher. I’m not going to discuss the Kelisa. Suffice it to say that a pebble would cause it to do a forward roll. In the cabin there’s also plenty to play with and enjoy in the Landcruiser V8. There’s lots as standard including Toyota’s good, if a little difficult to operate, Sat Nav system. The inside of the Kelisa is devoid of anything but the bare minimums. Perodua designers have also managed to make the car’s insides look dirty, even when they’re brand new.

And now for the specifications of the Landcruiser V8 and Kelisa in their most basic forms:

Kelisa Interior

Price: £57,565 £4,491

Power/Torque: 286bhp 479lb/ft 55bhp 65ft/lb

Max. Speed: 130mph 88mph

0-62mph: 8.2 seconds 14.8 seconds

Economy: 27.7mpg 55.4mpg

Insurance Group: 38 3

VED Band: M (the highest) D

So the Toyota is better, but the Perodua’s cheaper to run. The Toyota also looks a bit down on power, though it’s got plenty of torque, which is what really matters. 27 mpg isn’t bad either, considering it has a 4.5l V8. The Perodua’s running cost’s look good compared to the Landcruiser, but they’re by no means better than any of the alternative, nicer cars that one can buy.

Toyota Landcruiser V8: It’s good, but for that money, you may as well buy a Range Rover. 3 Stars.

Perodua Kelisa: Just no. 1 Star.

Somebody please let MSN know that these 2 cars aren’t alike at all.

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