Peugeot 508 – Errr…. no.

Spectacular. This is the first ever Peugeot that doesn’t make its driver want to jump over a cliff. Or maybe it does. But what does this car attempt to do to impress? It seems to me that it is trying to be a typical family saloon. That’s all very well, but that puts it straight into the firing line of the best selling family saloon ever made, the Ford Mondeo.

Peugeot 508

As well as the Mondeo, the Peugeot faces competition against the VW Passat, the Skoda Superb and the Renault Laguna. But for now, let’s just look at the 508. And, to kick off, this is not a bad looking car. Peugeot’s of old had a tendency to look hideous and make the driver very very depressed indeed. But, good news. This one is somewhat based on the Citroen C5, so I have no doubt it will be generally quite pleasant for the driver. But what about the passengers? They’ll be able to enjoy the plush leather seats and classy fittings, as well as a somewhat self satisfying knowledge that they didn’t purchase the Perodua Kelisa from the last review (which I might add is dreadful.) Now, for a decent model, you are going to have to pay slightly more. The 508 starts at £18,150 and for that, it is going to be basic. You’re going to have to pay £21,000+ for a good one and £23,000+ if you want a larger engine.

Peugeot 508 Interior

The problem with paying this much money isn’t that it’s a bad car. In fact it’s rather ruddy good in some ways. But the badge still says Peugeot, and no matter how hard you try to ignore it, you’ll still see it and be disappointed. You’ll regret the decision as soon as you buy it, in your heart, you’ll realise that you should have gone German.

I saw one of these only yesterday, and as I gazed on in mild disgust, I noticed that a poor unfortunate looking man was hunched over the steering wheel, with his children in the back, screaming and shouting at him. He looked depressed. And he is the epithet of the Peugeot driver. So, having suitably destroyed the 508, I’ll give you some specifications for the 2.0l Diesel ‘Allure’ model:

Price: £23,100

Power/Torque: 140bhp/240lb ft

Top Speed: 130mph

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 9.8secs

CO2 Emissions: 125g/km

Fuel Economy: 58.9mpg

VED Band: D (£FREE)

Some good news, this car is so incredibly economic, you don’t need to pay any tax. And, the speed and acceleration aren’t too bad for a 2.0L Diesel. However, this fairly expensive model doesn’t come with an automatic gearbox, which I would expect with any medium executive saloon. And if you do purchase the automatic gearbox, the price goes up to £25,000 and you’ll have to pay road tax.

However, none of that can make it any better. It’s still a Peugeot, nothing particularly special. And that’s how it will make you feel. Not particularly special. 3 out of 10.

But what do you think?:

5 responses to “Peugeot 508 – Errr…. no.

  1. Great review. Is a Mondeo really a family sedan? its too small isnt it? In OZ its considered midsized but Ford just can’t sell them. Ill be in the 508 week after next so will check back in. RCZ again next week. thanks for the info:)

  2. A Mondeo over here in the UK is considered to be a family saloon, your perception of car size may just be different to ours. I’ve also counted the 3-Series as a family saloon which is uncomfortably small, but still in the same class.

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  4. we had the 508 and 508 wagon. they only come in Auto here. I loved them both rather unexpectedly. the most expensive 508 $52,000 the cheapest 5 series $100,000 (cheapest 3 seires about $70,000) so our prices are much more than the UK too. Loved the Passatt review and agree whole heatedly

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