Here at 0to60reviews, we’re aiming to provide a useful resource for you – satisfying all of you’re car related needs, wants and interests. Hopefully, we’re doing this in a way which can make this blog/website as effective as possible at allowing you to get exactly what you desire.

As we get bigger, and our portfolio of car reviews expands, we are constantly trying to improve and adapt 0to60 to best suit how we intend the website to function.

The most recent change and addition to the website is the new ‘Reviews Index’, accessible from the bar at the top of the page. Here you can easily find the review which you’re looking for by browsing through the various vehicle manufacturers and navigating your way to the car which you’re after. Remember though, as we often do group reviews here at 0to60, or review cars as part of another feature (e.g. Top 3 Imports), the vehicle which you are searching for may not be immediately at the top of the post but beneath reviews of some other cars.

But the best way to keep up with all that’s happening here is to subscribe to 0to60reviews. You can do this easily using the tool provided on the sidebar at the right of every page, or clicking on the RSS Feed link at the top of the website. It’s easy, doesn’t take a minute, and you’ll never miss a piece at 0to60 again.

We’d really appreciate you letting us know if there’s anything which you think that we could improve on, after all, the website is here for you. Or you can just get involved in general – leave comments, rate posts and give us your opinions on the vehicles we review. Myself and DB will even take requests if there’s a car which you would really like to have reviewed. But for now, keep tuning in and don’t forget: there’s always more on the way!

You can contact us through the website or through email, just visit the contact us page.


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