The Unimog

You’ve probably seen the title and have got absolutely no idea what a Unimog is, right? Well, technically it shouldn’t be on here as it’s not so much a car, but a complete monster.

The Ultimate Off-road Machine

The Unimog is an ‘all terrain’ vehicle built by Mercedes-Benz and unlike anything else on the planet, can go absolutely anywhere. The photo to the left isn’t just produced for publicity, but is a picture of an actual Unimog having climbed to the top of a mountain. It’s powered by a rather large 4.8L Straight 4 engine, and with it being a Mercedes, Brabus got hold of one, and gave it a whopping 5.0L V8 engine. As you can imagine, that was not a truck to be messed with.

It’s also more than 9 feet tall, and has nearly 20 inches of ground clearance, enough space for mere humans to crawl into to hide when Goliath arrives. Due to its astounding off road capabilities, Unimogs are used all over the world. They’re often used to trek through deserts, plough through jungles, climb mountains and they’ve been made into fire fighters, military vehicles and expedition campers. They’ve even been used for truck racing competitions!

Now if you would like to consider buying this 8.5 ton colossus, here are the specifications for the Unimog U5000:

Engine: Four-cylinder, 4.8-litre turbodiesel

Power: 160kW at 2200rpm

Torque: 810Nm @ 1200-1800rpm

Turning circle: 16.3m (SWB 14.5m)

Fuel capacity: 145 litres

Disappointingly, Mercedes won’t give away any fuel economy or CO2 emissions information. So, from that we can gather that if you need to ask, you can’t afford the fuel for it. It’s about as economical as a Boeing 747.

Now, we’ve dealt with the size and the specs, but what about the interior. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this, because it is just as luxurious as any other Mercedes.

Unimog Interior

Everything seems much more rugged, but the material quality and comfort is still there. It’s even got Sat-Nav in case you get lost on the way up Everest…

Now finally the price. Once again, if you have to ask… (best part of £150,000)

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