The Hemera

On the 13th September, it happened. Infiniti… I mean, Eterniti Motors unveiled the Hemera – the world’s first Super SUV.

Eterniti Hemera

It doesn’t look much like that initial, very odd, sketch that we were shown – and that isn’t a good thing either… It doesn’t just look a bit like a Porsche Cayenne, as in the drawing; it is one; on the outside anyway. Apart from a strange body kit, of the quality that ABT could produce, the hideous appearance of the car underneath remains. But at least beauty is only skin deep, because beneath that uneven hide must be middle earth. Eterniti are promising that this enormous monster of a vehicle will be able to go in excess of 180mph and have over 630bhp (Eterniti themselves don’t yet know how much power the car will have). That’s… rather a lot. Especially when you consider how much power other cars like this have. It makes the supercharged Range Rover look like a phlegmatic tortoise. Despite these vague claims of monumental power, it is, by witchcraft, extracted from a 4.8l V8 engine.

Hemera Interior

They promised luxury, and you got it. In the back of the Hemera are a couple of armchairs, made from only the finest leather, which are fully adjustable. The seats can even recline right back whilst footrests automatically raise – Maybach style. Also mounted in the headrests are a few iPads, which electronically reveal themselves like the stage at a west end production, for you and your companion’s divertissement. But I know what you’re thinking: with all that leg room – how could I possibly be bothered to reach out and tap at an iPad screen? But fear not, as you can simply use the provided Apple keyboard.

Range Rover Ultimate Edition

But there’s still one thing that puzzles me. Why SUV? Why not just a normal luxury car? They have, arguably, more presence than a lumbering 4×4 and will, undoubtedly, be more comfortable. It’s not as though that car could actually go off-road with those massive wheels and road hugging stance. Maybe they thought there was a gap in the market, but surely, if there was, Land Rover, or another manufacturer, would have filled it. Well they did, somewhat. The Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition is offered on a very limited basis, but they actually now what they’re doing. It too has iPads (but had them before Eterniti was even a foetus) and features 2 armchairs. The Hemera might be more luxurious but, because it can’t go off-road, it should really be in competition with cars such as the Phantom which also can’t go off-road and are even more luxurious than the Hemera. So I can’t answer why they chose SUV, as the Hemera isn’t really one at all. If you really do want a ‘Super SUV’ then pop over to Range Rover, who can make a car that’ll actually work on the rough stuff.

This isn’t going to be the only offering from Eterniti: they say that another SUV and luxury race car are also on the way, but I hope they end up better than this enjoyable, but generally disappointing, attempt.


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