Land Rover Freelander 2

As anyone who knows a little bit about Land Rover’s will tell you, the first Freelander was abhorrent. The styling was woeful, the interior ghastly and its customer satisfaction ratings appalling. You would have thought Land Rover would have kept on with making the classics and binned the Freelander off after this little blip of downright rubbish, but instead, they designed a new one.

Attempt No.2

Attempt No.1

I have no doubt that the designer of the Freelander 1 was given the sack on the day of its release, but somebody has made a nice job of redesigning the Freelander 2. It’s clear that improvements have been made all around the car as it looks much more sophisticated than before. More of a baby Range Rover than a silly little box. The front end has been entirely redesigned and the whole car has been raised for the purpose of better ground clearance, and also to allow it and its passengers to loom over insignificant cars that stray into its path.

Another bonus, Land Rover have also stopped selling a 3 door version of the Freelander, an idea that I always looked on as being stupid, as though they were trying to cater for a completely different market. And, the good stuff doesn’t stop on the outside. The interior is just as luxurious as any other Land Rover product, providing you purchase the right model, and it proves to be a very nice place to sit. Visibility is excellent, it’s very comfortable and rear legroom isn’t too bad either.

Very luxurious, top of the range (HSE) model.

The model shown in the picture displays the car with a full leather interior, wooden trim pieces, satellite navigation etc. What Land Rover forget to tell you is that for all this luxury goodness, you’re going to have to fork out more than £35,000. Of course, for that price you get all the trimmings as well as the automatic gearbox, but, how can a car be so expensive when it’s been based upon a Ford Mondeo? Even if you stoop to the bottom of the range ‘S’ model, you’ll still have to pay nearly £25,000 and you’ll have a huge gaping hole where the Sat-Nav should be. Honestly, if you’re going to spend £35,000 on a Land Rover, just buy an entry level Discovery 4.

Rant over, let’s see the specifications for the HSE Model (top of the range):

Price: £35,260 OTR (inc. Automatic Gearbox)

Engine Size: 2.2l Diesel

Power/Torque: 150ps/308lb ft

Top Speed: 112mph

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 11.2sec

CO2 Emissions: 185g/km

Fuel Economy: 40.4mpg

VED Band: I (£315)

Unimpressive figures, to be honest. If you feel that you have to spend this much money on such a small off-roader, then go ahead. However, if you are sensible, you will go elsewhere. This isn’t Land Rover territory.

Nice car. Very much overpriced. 5 out of 10.

Alternatives: VW Tiguan, New BMW X3, any ideas DM?

4 responses to “Land Rover Freelander 2

  1. If you’re after simply style, the Range Rover Evoque is another, similarly high priced alternative, but it’s not as good all round (and I’ve a feeling that it’ll become too common too quickly). The Nissan X-trail provides quite good value for money but is priced too close to the Freelander to make it a much better alternative (though you can still spend around £5000 less for the automatic than on the equivalent freelander). The Ford Kuga actually isn’t too far away, it won’t go offroad as well, but you can’t go on really rough stuff in the Freelander anyway. The Kuga is very reasonably priced and so I don’t think it’s that bad an alternative.

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  3. Personally, I would recommend you steer well clear of the Kuga. I’ve heard many stories about bad build quality, and repairs can be rather costly although it is rather good looking. The X-Trail is a good car, maybe not the best to look at, and the VW Tiguan is very good as well. However, I still maintain that you should import a Mercedes Benz GLK.

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