Dream Car

A while ago, DB shared with us his dream car and, having been at 0to60 for some time now, I thought that I would do the same. Like DB, I’ve thought about almost every imaginable vehicle and I’ve done this as if money were no object – opening up a whole world of cars. My choice is a little different to DB’s, it’s certainly no classic, nor would it be to everybody’s taste, but it is from a British manufacturer (though definitely not Eterniti). My dream car is from Aston Martin:

But it’s not the Cygnet (obviously)…

Aston Martin Rapide

It’s the Aston Martin Rapide. I’ve chosen this car almost entirely because of its appearance – in my opinion, the Rapide is the best looking car of today. Aston Martin have also combined power and luxury in their most practical car and, luckily, it’s a million miles from the Cygnet.

I’ve no doubt that my favourite car will have changed by this time next month but, right now, the Rapide is it.

Share your dream car or opinions on the Rapide with us below!

4 responses to “Dream Car

  1. Agree 100%. The Rapide is sex on wheels. Re the Cygnet? David Brown would be spinning in his grave. It’s an abortion of a thing and not fit to wear the Aston name.

  2. For the past several decades, the Ferrari has attempted and succeeded in being one of the fastest cars in the world. Even models that have been launched over fifty years ago are still well received by car enthusiasts because of its modern innovation. The Ferrari California is probably just one of the many Ferrari models that will boast of high quality technology.


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