Toyota Aygo – 4 Stars

Toyota Aygo

The world of the small car is only really known to the aged, the young and the occasional inner city dweller. With their small cabins and smaller engines, these cars are not the most popular amongst car enthusiasts – but they are, nonetheless, important in starting us all off into the world of motoring.

The Toyota Aygo is one of the best examples of a small car, and a quick peek through the window at the nervous driver will reveal that it fits the demographic very well.

Very Similar Peugeot 107

This car is identical to the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107 inside and, apart from a few minor details, out. The Aygo has to be the best looking car of the three, and your exchanges with Toyota’s dealers will probably be far more pleasant than those with its competitors. In its three door format, the Aygo is very small, making parking a doddle with the short bonnet and almost vertical rear end ensuring that it easy to place the car wherever you wish. The doors are, however, unnecessarily long, making your squashed exit from a tighter bay parking space rather undignified.

The inside is basic and I’ve always hated finding the same metal as the outside of the car in the interior, but Aygo’s good enough for the car’s class. All variants have iPod connectivity as standard, but little else – showing the generation for whom the car was designed. Space upfront is surprisingly good but not so for rear passengers, especially in the 3 door Aygo where there is but a porthole of a window to see out of. Boot space is limited, and when the back seats are folded down, the load space is far from flat.

Aygo Interior

Driving an Aygo is also far from exhilarating. Setting off, fully laden, with a learner driver at the helm will result in a few stalls unless you push the little engine hard enough. One also has to turn the steering wheel for some distance before the car actually begins to move in the intended direction – but does that matter? Nope. Just remember the pathetic price for which your transport is taking place and it won’t seem too bad. With the Toyota’s charismatic smiling face, it would be difficult not to like the Aygo, and, being a Toyota, the 1 litre engine will never falter.

The specs for the most basic 3 door Aygo are as follows.

Price: £8,590

Power/Torque: 67bhp 69lb/ft

Max. Speed: 98mph

Acceleration: 0 to 60mph in 14.2 seconds

Length: 3.4m

CO2 Emissions: 105g/km

Economy: 61.4mpg

Insurance Group: 3

VED Band: B

For first car owners, it isn’t bad at all with very good fuel economy and low insurance. The old folks are also kept happy with phenomenally slow acceleration, though any quicker would be terrifying in a car this small.

Just about right, the Aygo is a basic car for the basic purpose of transport, with a few cheery features thrown in – 4 Stars


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