VW Touareg

After you get over the difficulty of spelling its name, or pronouncing it for that matter, the new VW Touareg seems like a welcome car on the drive of anybody who can afford to fuel its tremendous thirst for petrol. Its predecessor, the old Touareg, seemed as though it hadn’t been thought out properly. A lot of its features were dysfunctional, it was uncomfortable, both in terms of interior and suspension and it was rather an eye-sore – not what you’d expect from a German SUV. Even now, the Touareg is still somewhat related to the beast that is the Porsche Cayenne, however there have been some very clever changes made to massively improve this car.

VW Touareg

Firstly, the ghastly exterior has been completely revamped with a new curvaceous chassis, not only pleasing on the eye, but pleasing on the fuel bill – the drag coefficient has been seriously decreased. Continuing with the makeover, the interior has also been tidied up. Leather comes as standard, as does a Satellite Navigation/DVD Player system. I must point out now that the first thing that struck me when I got into this car was the size of the Sat-Nav screen. It is absolutely colossal – yet another improvement on the old model. The rear of the new Touareg is also considerably more spacious than the old model and it can fit 3 full sized adults with ease. As for quality, I don’t have to explain to you that it’s more of the same from Volkswagen – it reigns supreme.

The car gets even more exciting when we look at the choice of engines. As well as having the typical 3.0l Diesel we expect on all SUV’s nowadays, (probably the most sensible option but still the most boring) VW have also fitted the new Touareg with a 3.3l Diesel Hybrid option, supplying a decent amount of power and a 4.2l V8 supplying power in buckets. I understand that most people will have to go for one of the diesel models for cost reasons, but I’m sure some footballers will be able to enjoy the thrill of that V8 just before it needs to visit the Petrol Station, yet again.

Understated luxury, and the biggest Sat-Nav screen on the market.

Clearly, it’s shaping up well, but you’ll probably be thinking that all of this luxury and comfort (especially if you purchase air suspension) doesn’t come cheap. That is were you are very wrong, because the new Touareg starts at just £40,155. You’re now thinking “That’s actually ruddy expensive.” Let me assure you, in the German Executive SUV market, this is the biggest bargain you can secure. And if you go on VW Approved Used Cars, you can find a brand new model only used for demo drives with 1000 miles on the clock for £35,000 or less. I simply don’t understand how VW could make a car like this, and sell it at such a low price.

The figures for the most commonly purchased 3.0l Diesel are as follows:

Price: £40,155 OTR

Power/Torque: 204PS/295lb ft

Max. Speed: 128mph

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 9.0secs

CO2 Emissions: 184g/km

Economy: 40.4mpg 

VED Band: I (£315)

It’s cheap to tax, cheap to run, cheap to buy and importantly, it’s exceedingly luxurious. I simply can’t fault it, and that is why I would like to award it the 0to60reviews ‘Bloody Good Car’ Award. Jolly good. 10 out of 10.

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