The Best and Worst of 2011 – DM

The automotive industry, as we’ve mentioned before here at 0to60 is one which is changing almost constantly. Manufacturers are working non-stop to keep up with the market’s demands and, more importantly, their competitors by redesigning existing vehicles and introducing all new models.

2011 has been no different and has seen its fair share of new cars, whether they be fantastic or whether they ought to have been driven straight from the factory and off of a cliff.

And in this post, I’m going to be reflecting on what I think have been the best and worst cars we’ve seen this year. I’m sure that DB will have his own opinions on the cars which deserve a mention here but this is how I’ve viewed the 2011’s ups and downs.

My very best car which I’ve chosen for 2011 isn’t just one car, but more a group of cars that have suddenly appeared in a whole new category created this year. And so DM’s best car of 2011 is…

 The Range Rover Evoque (and friends)

Range Rover Evoque 5dr

I see these cars as deserving winners, a lot of work has clearly been put in by all of the manufacturers who have designed and developed these LCCSUVs (Luxury Compact Crossover Sports Utility Vehicles) – it’s just a shame that the name of the cars’ category is so long.

These cars have been chosen because they’re everything an all new car should be: They’ve a striking and menacing exterior which looks ultra-modern and very, very cool; the interiors are luxurious and envelop everybody inside; they’re somewhat affordable; and they’re efficient enough to be fairly cheap to run.

A special mention needs to go the Evoque, however, which really kick-started the other manufacturers to produce their own versions of these cars. It’s the best looking of the bunch too, if not a little expensive. The Range Rover also proved to be the most popular Compact SUV with consumers too, as Land Rover won’t be able to clear pre-orders until after March!

Another less publicized, but still important, feature of these cars is that they can help restore some exclusivity to the manufacturer’s other vehicles. The Evoque in particular will be good at drawing the urban dwelling Standard Range Rover drivers out of their big off-roaders and into the Compact Crossovers, restoring some of the brands reputation as, primarily, a 4×4 manufacturer.

But now we must move away from the positive and onto the worst vehicle to have been unleashed upon us this year. This car isn’t a new model, but it’s still around, even though it ought to have never been born.

The BMW X6


What an unfortunate piece of old rubbish – it has to be the worst car of 2011, if not all the years since it’s release. It’s my misfortune to inform you that if you’ve in excess of £46,000 to spend, you could purchase one of these. It would only be worth spending that much if you intended to crash it into a brick wall – at least that way there would be one less X6 on the road.

Everything about this car is useless. It’s slower than it should be, inefficient, constantly in need of new tyres, hideous, overpriced and can only uncomfortably seat 4 people at a time. Instead, I might recommend a Toyota IQ, which can fit the same number of people inside, but will cope better off-road. BMWs in general are now annoyingly common, and BMW seem to have recently decided that every model they make should be totally identical and equally ugly with only price to distinguish them.

Anyway, with that over we can look forward to 2012. We’ve already seen the new Mondeo expected next year thanks to DB and I’m sure that there will be plenty of other cars to look forward to. All that remains is for me to wish you a Happy New Year!


3 responses to “The Best and Worst of 2011 – DM

  1. How interesting that the BMW does so poorly. I hadn’t seen this model before. It kind of looks like a car trying to be an SUV.

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