The Best New Cars for 2012 – Part 1

The coming year seems set to be an inspiring one for new cars. Sadly, a lot of the concept cars we see in various exhibitions throughout the year don’t all come to fruition, even if their shocking looks do make nearby ladies faint.

So, what have we got to look forward to in 2012? The truth is, there are going to be 127 new cars released in the new year! I obviously can’t talk about all of them, but I’ve been through the lists and I’ve picked out what I believe to be the highlights for the excellent automotive year to come.

Mercedes Benz CLS ‘Shooting Brake’

We’ve spoken about the CLS on 0to60 before and we agree that it is an amazing looking car. We were in fact so convinced of its excellence that we gave it the ‘Bloody Good Car’ Award. This new ‘Shooting Brake’ has been in the pipeline since the old CLS took to the roads, only now being released to the public. The images speak for themselves – this car is just destined to be excellent. Mercedes have put a casual spin on the family station wagon here, and providing that you have £48,000 to spare, this can be yours. Not forgetting, it will also be mind-bogglingly efficient. Want to read the CLS review?

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Another estate car then. The XF, although it doesn’t appeal to me necessarily, has won the Whatcar award for its category an endless amount of times, so it must appeal to somebody. The reason I’m highlighting this car is because it is guaranteed to sell a massive amount of units. The 2.2l Diesel engine, by far the most popular engine choice, provides the right amount of power whilst being satisfactory for the guys at Greenpeace. And, they’re going to make a 5 litre V8! Want to read the XF review?

Renault Twizy

This looks like a funny little creature doesn’t it? For such a tiny little thing, the title of being ‘Road Legal’ seems rather generous in the case of the Twizy. It can also do 50mph which is probably terrifying in something that seems to look as sturdy as a tupperware box on wheels. But, I desperately want to have a go in one. Therefore, I can assume that it is going to be the most fun car we’ll see in 2012.

Ford Focus ST

I’ve reviewed the new Focus on 0to60 and I have to say that I wasn’t kind. And, although I’m still not the biggest fan, this is another car that’s going to be very popular with a lot of people. The truth is, it will be excellent to drive, every Focus that has gone before it is the same. I hate to say it, but the new Ford Focus ST will be good. Want to read the Focus review?

To be continued…

4 responses to “The Best New Cars for 2012 – Part 1

  1. So interesting that you love the Ford Focus. Actually, I hadn’t seen the new design until your blog- and it does look rather cool.

  2. I don’t necessarily love the Focus, however I do appreciate its appeal to so many people over the years – the ST model will also be sporting a 2.5 litre petrol engine, and in such a small car, what’s not to like about that??

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