Nissan Invitation – A very nice piece…

Nissan Invitation

As you may be aware, the 82nd Geneva Motor Show is currently in progress and it is the venue of choice for many manufacturers to unveil their newest models. The car that has been the recipient of the most coverage in the news here in the UK is the subject of this article – the Nissan Invitation. The press coverage here is due to the 2000 jobs its manufacture is reputedly going to create in the British economy. We’re featuring it on 0to60 because it fits into a segment relevant to myself and DB, and I can’t wait until they start appearing on the road.

Nissan Invitation

The invitation is set to replace the Nissan Note – currently a quite boring car closer to the Honda Jazz than the Ford Fiesta Nissan say the Invitation will be up against. It ought to offer a more spacious and more upmarket alternative to the rather bland Micra. With a selection of smaller engines and being compact in size, the Invitation could be popular with younger drivers; which is why I say it is relevant to us at 0to60reviews. Its looks are fashionable enough and a far cry from the subdued Note, with several design similarities to the current Fiesta. I also notice that Nissan’s colour of choice for the concept is very similar to the McLaren MP4-12C’s Volcano Orange and the day running lights are of a similar style: I like that… a lot.

Nissan Invitation Interior

The interior, from the photos, looks equally modern and very stylish indeed. Nissan say it will feature their ill named ‘around view monitor safety system’ (for parking) nothing similar to which is offered by other manufacturers in this segment. Engines are going to be the usual 1.4l and 1.6l petrol lineup, a diesel and there’s talk of the small supercharged unit currently in the Micra.

You may also want to watch the ‘official presentation video’ which consists of the same pictures you see here, but accompanied by some boring music.

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