The best is never enough… | Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition

Jaguar XJ Ultimate

I often find that the very best Jaguar XJ Supersport or long wheelbase Portfolio just isn’t good enough for me. We know that it’s sufficient for the Prime Minister (as the UK’s state automobile) – but you too must agree that £65,000 isn’t nearly enough to spend on your Jaguar. Fortunately, at the Beijing motor show, Jaguar have finally come up with a solution to our problem. The botheration of the exceedingly luxurious ‘normal’ XJ leaving you disiderating for something better is no more. I present you with the Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition:

XJ Ultimate Interior

Jaguar Land Rover did something very similar with the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition and the XJ follows the same concept – taking an already very good car and making it even better. In the XJ, this means big changes in the back of the car, after all, you’re not going to be driving yourself.

Rather than the traditional three seats, we find two colossal chairs individually tailored to the bodies they will envelop – both of which, naturally, come with massage functions, heating, ventilation and the ability to seat you in more positions than was thought possible.

Some light refreshment…

Separating the chesterfields is a full length centre console; essentially a vessel for more opulence. Housed within is a Champagne cooler for the 1921 vintage that you’ve been saving for longer car journeys. When opened, the cooler presents the bottle by raising it to eye level in order that you may pour it into the specially made flutes, also housed in the centre console. But where to put the glasses? Don’t fear – another button will unfold the solid aluminium table which also serves as a rest for the keyboards.

The keyboards are required to control the iPads mounted on the back of the front seats – we saw a similar feature on the Range Rover – positioned just below the existing Jaguar entertainment system (because I can’t stand any less than 4 screens in the back of my car).

Finally, there’s a new engine on offer – a 3 litre supercharged V6 petrol piece. All the available will be attached to 8-speed transmission for an extra smooth ride including the diesel. Something tells me the diesel won’t be the most popular – if you can afford the XJ Ultimate and an accompanying chauffeur, fuel costs will not be one of your priorities. There is no news on pricing just yet, but if you’re looking at buying one, you won’t need to ask about that…

The car nicely compliments the private jet here – I’d buy one of those to go with the Jag if I were you.

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