Crossovers and the Growing Demand for Ugly Cars

Article first published as Crossovers and the Growing Demand for Ugly Cars on Blogcritics.

We all know what a handsome car looks like, right? I hope that, by writing this article, I can steer people away from making a huge mistake: buying any of the most woeful, sorry excuses for cars that are going to be released over the course of the next year or two. In this piece, I will be talking about that ever growing category of car (that I despise), the crossover – a vehicle that combines features of an SUV with those of a passenger vehicle.

Has anybody heard of that really cute, popular and attractive car, the Fiat 500? It has been a hit all over Europe and promises to continue to make Fiat endless amounts of money. This is what they’re going to do to it:

Fiat 500X

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, another reputable brand name soiled by a dysmorphic crossover that looks like somebody left a rat in a radiation chamber: the Fiat 500X. Like Nissan and their Juke, Fiat seem to have rather spoilt the broth with this latest attempt to impress, or not. But it doesn’t just stop at Nissan and Fiat. Everyone is getting in on the game – even Audi, who already have three SUVs on the forecourt, are insisting on producing a smaller and uglier one entitled the Q2. What is the sense in this thing?

Audi Q2

Sadly, there are some vulnerable people out there with a little more money than sense who will buy these…things. It’s usually the case that a crossover costs more than a normal, bigger, better car. So why on Earth would you purchase one, knowing full well that you’re getting less and paying more? Yes, admittedly there is a certain shock value that comes with these cars, but if I’m going to walk down the road and be disgusted by the vehicles that go by, I might as well just go and sit in a Skoda dealership.

Anyway, my rant has ended. The valuable advice here: Do not buy one.

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