The Cadillac DTS – An Epitaph

The DTS is surely one of my favourite US automobiles of the past decade – along with its highly respected family history, the DTS was also a highly desirable and luxurious vehicle sold exclusively in the USA. Note the use of the past tense. Only recently, did I find out that Cadillac have halted production of this epic car, and I’m genuinely upset. In the only 2 weeks that I’ve ever spent with the DTS (a rental), I grew to adore it. Not only was it utterly joyous to ride in, with its sumptuous leather seats and double glazing for supreme silence, but was also highly respected by other road users and the community, in which we drove.

The farthest relative of the DTS, the Cadillac Sedan De Ville.

With its 4.6l V8 Northstar engine, boasting 275bhp, the Cadillac was certainly not underpowered either, moving those fortunate enough to be inside it, from place to place in silent haste. I’m genuinely saddened by the loss of this car from the automotive world, so I thought I’d leave this tribute to see if anyone of you out there has had the pleasure of this car.

[gallery include=”1845,1846,1847″]

Cadillac say that they will be replacing the DTS with a new car called the XTS, shown below. Whether or not it will be as good as the DTS remains to be seen. It has a lot to live up to; the DTS even took the role as the US Presidential Car.

The DTS in its Presidential Glory

2013 Cadillac XTS

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