Look out – the 500L is here…

The ‘look out’ in this post’s title isn’t aimed at other car manufacturers, they’ve got nothing to worry about – it’s for the public. Stay indoors and close the blinds because the most foul, unsightly creation ever to emerge onto UK roads has arrived. Other car dealers should be very pleased: there will be hundreds of Fiat customers fleeing in terror to other manufacturers once they catch sight of this thing.

Fiat 500L

The Mini Countryman was a bad idea. It’s vulgar, slow, not especially attractive and doesn’t at all suit the brand, but Fiat have done their best to create a car even more inappropriate – and they’ve succeeded. I wouldn’t be too worried about the 500L if they hadn’t included the ‘500’ in its name. The 500 is a fantastic car which DB gave 8 out of 10. I, unlike DB, think the 500X is a very nice looking car – Fiat have maintained the looks of the 500 but scaled them up. I was therefore shocked when I saw the 500L. Perhaps if they’s called it the new PandaS (S for small or stylish or another 4 letter word starting with S) rather than 500L (L supposedly for large) I wouldn’t have been so shocked and disgusted by the car. It’s more reminiscent of a melted Suzuki Swift than a 500.

The car is designed to be ‘stylish and practical’ and I’ve an issue with both of those words. My problem with the first word is that it’s a lie. Very small children might find the car ‘stylish’, but very small children can’t afford cars (thankfully). The second word is not a lie. There is enough room for 5 adults inside the car, but were the car to be practical, they shouldn’t have included the 500 into the 500L’s name. People don’t buy the Fiat 500 because it’s practical (because it isn’t), they buy it because it’s cool, cute and actually is stylish.

500L Interior

When the Fiat marketing department thought the car should be described as stylish and practical, they must have been sitting inside the car. The interior actually is stylish. The images show a modern and typically Fiat look that their customers would be hoping for. The inside of the car somewhat salvages the wreck that is the exterior – anybody crazy enough to buy one will be thankful that they don’t have to look at the outside of the car when they’re driving it (any buyer of the 500L is also very selfish, as the rest of us do have to see the outside when they’re driving it).

Fiat have done well in making the Countryman look like a reasonable choice, but have some class and buy an Audi Q3 instead. The worst news of all – there might be a seven seat version on the way…

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