Ford have gone mental!


The current Ford Escape

Almost a year ago today, DB posted an article about how Ford had a plan to ruin their vehicles by ‘updating’ them to match the rest of their fleet in ‘Ford are going mental!‘. Since then, they’ve implemented their plan by announcing the great looking Ford Escape will become that Vertrek concept DB showed us.


I believe that this plan might not be a popular one with the Americans to which the Escape is available. Bold looks are very popular, and the current Escape looks exactly how an American SUV should – it has presence. So why would Ford turn this great car into what is basically a scaled up Ford Focus? Well it’s beyond me, the new Escape will look so different that I think they should have introduced it as an all new model and continued making the current Escape for those who prefer the old shape. Nissan did just that with the new Patrol, but didn’t even bother changing the name…


New Escape Interior

When the new Mondeo was shown to the world, it worked. The meek and insignificant looks of the old Mondeo had been ditched and they created a muscular looking vehicle far above the standard one would expect from Ford. What they’re doing to the Escape is the complete opposite, and you probably wouldn’t take notice of the all new Escape until it ran you over. Not that I mind that – I’ve always been one for discreetness, hence my love for the Audi A8 and, personally, I like the new shape. I know DB will disagree however, having already expressed his disgust for the Vertrek concept.

The updated Escape does have a nicer interior, not many could disagree with that and I actually prefer the updated model, but time will tell what Americans thinks of the changes to their best selling SUV – for those who don’t like it, there’s always the impossibly fantastic looking updated Ford Flex.


What do you think?

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