The American Luxury Car

Not too long ago, I wrote an epitaph for a recently retired American Luxury Car, that being the sublime Cadillac DTS. In the interim, I have been fortunate to experience another American Luxury Car, and rest assured, it did not disappoint. For the best part of two weeks, I was entrusted with the keys to a brand new Lincoln MKS.

Lincoln MKS

Let’s make no bones about it though – although the MKS looks a million dollars, it has a very humble and perhaps, even underwhelming background. You see, Lincoln are owned by Ford and have been for some time. Therefore, what you see before you is nothing more than an upgraded Ford Taurus.

The question is, what have Ford done to make you pay $16,000 more for the pleasure of driving around in a Lincoln? Well, both cars come with similar engines – a 3.5l Petrol in the Ford and a 3.7l in the Lincoln. Not much difference in power either and the top speeds are closer again.

However, something that we can’t quantify, something that the Lincoln offers by the bucketload is an enormous sense of privilege. Click on the gallery images below to have a look at the interior:

The car is swathed from head to toe in Leather Upholstery, Wood and Chrome. The seats, which are incidentally heated or cooled, are more comfortable than your couch. Not only that, but the power of the air conditioning and the volume of the radio are controlled by touch pads on the dashboard as shown in Picture 4 that you only need to stroke in order to change your preferences (admittedly this is an entertaining novelty).

Along with the excessively luxurious comforts comes the onboard computer, doubling up as your sat-nav, entertainment system, telephone and television. Not bad for a Ford, eh? What’s more is that the car comes with a extra quiet 3.7l Ecoboost engine, and for that extra peace of mind, the windows (including the electric dual panoramic sunroof) are double glazed. From our experience of the car, no sound can get in or out.

For the most part, we also found that the car can average around 35mpg if driven carefully which I think is excellent for any vehicle with such a behemoth engine. All this, and more can be found in a car that costs (in the US) less than £27,500 GBP.

I will now proceed to compare the Lincoln MKS with a like counterpart sold in the UK, the Audi A8.

Lincoln MKS vs Audi A8

Starting Price: £27,334/£53,385

Engine Size: 3.7l Petrol/3.0l Diesel

Length: 17’2″/16’10”

Height: 62″/58″

Other than in terms of fuel economy, the A8 is beaten hands down by its half price and vastly larger American rival. Thus, I’m left with the bitter disappointment that Lincoln will never sell cars in the UK and that we’ll be stuck paying twice as much for pretty much the same product but in the form of an Audi, Mercedes or BMW. And even though the Lincoln matches these cars on build quality as well, the prices still remain ridiculously incompatible.

What Ford have created here is nothing short of a miracle. This car comes highly recommended, so much so in fact that I deem it ‘Bloody Good‘ and furthermore, award it a well deserved 10 out of 10.

6 responses to “The American Luxury Car

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  2. I know I always chime in when UK prices are mentioned, but if an A8 costs 2X 27,000GBP (54k) then in Australia and A8 costs 169000GBP or 3.5 times as much as in the UK. As for the car, I haven’t driven bgrmany American cars in recent times time but they all drive like uncooked blancmanges especially compared to the Germans. What do you think?

    • Surprisingly, this car was excellent to drive – a very rare trait in the American automotive market of today. With regards to the prices of cars in Australia, frankly I find that absolutely ludicrous that you would have to pay more than 3 times as much for a base A8. To put it into perspective, for around 170000GBP in the UK, you can purchase a brand new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. Compare those two!

  3. A new SLS AMG is $496,000 (or 335,000 GBP). As I’ve said before is not as if we can go buy them elsewhere and parallel importing is illegal. They have us coming and going. I’m taking back the Honda CRZ Sport manual and pick up the Commodore SSV Redline 6.0 L v8. I know it’s not an SLS but it is a load of fun. It drinks like a drag-queen though.

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