New Ford Fiesta Announced

The Ford Fiesta is a great car for new drivers (that’s why we awarded it 0to60’s ‘Bloody Good Car’ award), but Ford have improved it even more with this updated model.

New Fiesta ST

The most drastic changes seen are to the exterior. The front of the car has been made to match the, also yet to be released, new Ford Mondeo giving the car a huge open mouth at the front and a generally more modern look. The angular front headlights feature LED daytime running lights, a feature we’ve come to expect in nearly every new model nowadays.

New Fiesta Interior

The inside of the Ford remains very similar to the current model, with a slightly different, slightly better looking dashboard arrangement. Other than that, nothing’s changed – but there was very little wrong with the interior anyway. As with the current model, the 3-door variant looks like the car to go for with the 5-door Fiesta remaining decidedly frumpish in comparison.

New Ford Fiesta – 5 door

Aside from exterior looks, the biggest change is the implementation of Ford’s MyKey system. This, an indication of the young driver demographic being pursued by Ford, allows settings such as safety features and maximum speed restrictions to be set by presumably worried parents. It’s certainly a very good idea, but those determined enough to flout the rules of the road in the first place would probably just change the settings.

I could mention the new engine variants, but the range of engines are similar to current models, and I doubt you’re too interested in that. Deliveries are expected to start from 2013.

Click here for the current Ford Fiesta review.

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