About 0to60

Honest car reviews… with a hint of sarcasm.

0to60 aims to, not only give you the basic information about a car, but really delve into its good and bad features, the pros and cons if you will. With the expertise of two extreme car enthusiasts, we should be able to do this, but please don’t hesitate to contribute yourselves. Please send us messages, make comments, ask our advice. It’s free, it will (probably) be good stuff, and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading.

8 responses to “About 0to60

  1. Hello 0to60, nice content and clean site, i’m in about and i think you should write a short piece about yourself where your from etc, visit a few blog’s to get idea’s.

    You don’t have a blogroll with other’s yet, that’s a way to get hit’s.

    • Thanks for the advice dribblingpensioner, and thanks again for the kind words. I find your site really very amusing, especially your piece on Generation Y. A very eloquent picture indeed.

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